Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Moderates the Moderators?

My question is directed towards the Topeka Capital-Journal, and more specifically, to their online Editor, Curt Kaywood. He's basically boasting about his work on the CJonline website and his efforts to build a community forum. http://cjonline.com/interact/blog/kurt_caywood/2009-03-31/wanted_a_few_good_moderators

Who moderates the Moderators? I think it's a pretty legitimate question because apparently some of their online censors have their own agendas, or like to play favorites regarding the removal of "offensive" posts and banning of certain users.

My complaint is very legitimate and still has not received any answers more substantial than, "Be happy we let you back on".

Yet the posts that I responded to, which were every bit as offensive as my responses to them, are still online.

So to CJonline:

You may think that it's no big deal, yeah whatever, quit complaining and be happy. But you ain't the only ones with a job to do. A LOT of times your reporters have left out crucial information in their stories (such as asking the OTHER side of the story). Or forgot to include websites. It really bothers me when your reporters write a story and only ask ONE side, and don't even bother to ask any OTHER sides. That's not only sloppy writing, it's also counter to what a newspaper is supposed to be. Opinions aren't necessarily news, but reporting them as such is dishonest. And several Capital-Journal reporters have a major problem thinking their opinion is news enough.

In any case, the fact that I alone was banned, while the people who attacked me first and very personally were left alone, is beyond an insult. And the fact that they were allowed to continue posting trash after I was banned, is a direct attack against me.

It's reminiscent of a teacher watching the playground bullies pick on the school nerd. And when the nerd finally hits one of the bullies back, the teacher sends the nerd home to keep the peace. And I don't appreciate it!

In any case, you want a community forum? Then stop letting people make anonymous, libelous personal attacks against other people on the site. A little trash talking is one thing, but serious false allegations are something certain users thrive on. And by you allowing those cyber-bullies to run the game, you kill any chances of making this a legitimate community forum.


Thomas Lessman
Web: www.ThomasLessman.com
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Kevin McGinty said...

Well said Thomas. I've pretty much stopped reading this stuff anyway.

In my mind, for the most part anyway, it has become a place for the some of the most hate filled left wingers to hang out to rant and rave about everything and everyone who doesn't tow the liberal line. That I can live without...

Kevin McGinty

SarahBurris said...

well stated!!