Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Judge "Backroom Deals" Jackson & a Crooked Attorney Named "Pope"

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most obvious cases of backroom dealing I've ever seen, in the Shawnee County courthouse. It was an assault case, with the Shawnee County DA prosecuting one of my neighbors, Scotty Dundee Wilson, for an incident where Wilson assaulted and sucker-punched me in front of a 27 news camera last year during the floods.

I mean literally, the incident was caught on camera, by then-reporter Brian Dorman. At no point did I do anything but defend myself from this 400 lb bully and his 350 lb brother (I'm only 155 lbs). In fact, the only thing I DID do was say some words to him after he attacked me.

Keep in mind, at no point was I on trial; I was only involved as a witness. Wilson purchased the services of an attorney named "Pope". EVERYONE who saw the tape, could see it was an obvious case of a big bully attacking a smaller guy - just because he can.

As I said, I have a witness in Brian Dorman, who at the time was a TV Reporter for 27 news (now he's an Anchor for 13 news). He and I actually became acquainted during this incident, which started when Scotty and Will Wilson attempted to take the news camera away from Brian Dorman while he was interviewing me about the 2007 flood. Scotty Wilson (literally on camera), got in my face, pushed me about 8 feet away, then a minute later got in my face again, and sucker-punched me.

And yet, after going into chambers with Wilson's attorney (Pope), Judge Jackson declares it was "mutual combat". Even though NOT ONCE did I do anything but raise my arms in defense as Wilson came at me.

Next week I will be protesting Judge "Backroom Deals" Jackson. As far as I'm concerned, that son-of-a-bitch has no business sitting on any bench, especially when he cares more about backroom deals than justice.


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Truckhenge Music Festival II (2008)

All I can say...
...is the 2nd Truckhenge Music Festival was one hell of a great party!!!

Special thanks to Bob Cutler of the Klusterfux, Jen and Adam Angellini from Wakamojo, and Bob Curry from Side Effects, for helping us get things done.

9 bands: Wakamojo - Schumann's Resonance - Klusterfux - SideEffects - Mirror Image - Hammerjunk - Obone - Lazer Panther - The Hemorrhoids. Remember those bands, I'm sure you'll be seeing a LOT more about them over the next year! In fact, several of them are competing in the Battle of the Bands at the Boobie Trap bar tomorrow night (Saturday Sept. 27).

This 2nd concert was MUCH better than the first concert last year! For one, there was NO band drama to deal with; these bands work together very well! Second, since we kept more control over the event this year (instead of letting someone else take over and BS), we knew much more about what was going on, than we did last year.

I've heard anywhere from 300 to 400 people came out this year. 350 was my estimate, so we'll go with that for now. We actually lost count after 156 people signed the list - it was starting to form a line so we decided to just let people sign the list on their own.

The sound was great! Truckhenge forms such a great natural amphitheater that the sound doesn't have to be blasted up too loud - it sounds great all the way through the audience area and isn't distorted or blowing your head off.

And some of the bands played great remake songs that were also remade to include "Truckhenge" in them. That's a cool theme that I'm sure we're going to work with next year!

Oh, there will definitely be a "Truckhenge Music Festival III (2009)"! We'll have a meeting in October for anyone interested in working with us to make next year's party even better. We're already planning to spread it over a whole weekend (instead of just one night), so look for a Friday to Sunday event. If we get some sponsors and some volunteers, we may also set up a second stage.

The possibilities are here, we just need people to step up!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ready for 2008 Truckhenge Music Festival?

I've been so busy helping coordinate this year's concert at Truckhenge, I haven't been able to concentrate enough to update this blog! Tune in to the Jim Cates Show on CJOnline this Tuesday (Sept. 16), when I'll be on air to talk about this year's concert! (Click here to download the archived show)

Truckhenge Music Festival
Saturday September 20, 2008
NO Admission fees, free camping, and BYOB!
(Gates open at 12:00 noon, music starts at 6:00 PM)
Website: www.LessmanFarm.com/events.html

9 confirmed bands!
Wakamojo - Schumann's Resonance - Klusterfux - SideEffects - Hammerjunk - Obone - Lazer Panther - The Hemmorhoids - St. Nick

We're proud to help support the local music scene. Come out to the Lessman Farm and PARTY with some of Topeka's best local bands. Hope to see you there!

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