Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairness Doctrine?

If we really want to discuss "fair", try walking in a Libertarian's shoes. Or a Reformer's or Constitutionalist's shoes.

It's amazing that the vast majority of people who take the World's Smallest Political Quiz (http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html) fit within the Libertarian side of the spectrum. Yet they hardly know about the Libertarian Party. They are delighted to find a party actually pushes for limited government, and they agree that the government is involved in our lives in ways it has no business being involved. Yet come election time, they STILL vote for Republicans or Democrats.

A LOT of that would change, if their wasn't a BIpartisan effort of Republicans & Democrats doing their best to exclude every other political party from the process.

America has almost irreparably transformed itself from a nation of rugged individualists, to a nation of urban worker-drones. Instead of individuals who live for Freedom, most drones would rather be free from living.

And we are our own worst enemy because WE are the ones electing the same people back into office.

Thomas Lessman
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Sonny Scroggins receives award

From the Topeka Capital-Journal, Friday Nov. 7, 2008.
Source URL: http://www.cjonline.com/stories/110708/loc_353115113.shtml

I respect Sonny Scroggins. And even when I don't agree with him, I still respect his views.

The reason is because Sonny doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth. In Sonny's words, if it ain't right for a white man to do or say it, then it also ain't right for a black man to do or say it.

I can respect a man who stands up for his beliefs. Even more so when they aren't hypocritical about them. And after a knowing Sonny for a few years, I consider him a good friend.

Thomas Lessman
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