Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairness Doctrine?

If we really want to discuss "fair", try walking in a Libertarian's shoes. Or a Reformer's or Constitutionalist's shoes.

It's amazing that the vast majority of people who take the World's Smallest Political Quiz (http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html) fit within the Libertarian side of the spectrum. Yet they hardly know about the Libertarian Party. They are delighted to find a party actually pushes for limited government, and they agree that the government is involved in our lives in ways it has no business being involved. Yet come election time, they STILL vote for Republicans or Democrats.

A LOT of that would change, if their wasn't a BIpartisan effort of Republicans & Democrats doing their best to exclude every other political party from the process.

America has almost irreparably transformed itself from a nation of rugged individualists, to a nation of urban worker-drones. Instead of individuals who live for Freedom, most drones would rather be free from living.

And we are our own worst enemy because WE are the ones electing the same people back into office.

Thomas Lessman
Libertarian Party of Kansas: www.LPKS.org
Constitution Party: http://ks.constitutionparty.com/
Reform Party of Kansas: www.vote-ks.org


Kevin McGinty said...

You're right Thomas. It's funny too. We worry so much about who we elect as president, you know, looking for change, yet keep sending the exact same people back to congress.
McCain promised "change" yet he's been around forever and is part of the problem.
Obama promised "change" but watch as he fills his cabinet with the same old people who've around Washington for years.
You're right about the "worker drone" thing too. We have become a nation of people who want to be taken care of. That's what Obama promised and in my opinion, that's why he won. The individualism you spoke of died a long time ago Thomas.
Don't let it get you down man, just keep doing what you do and maybe some day people will listen.

Kevin McGinty said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you want to call it. Just enjoy it...

Kevin McGinty said...

Hmmm. I'm wondering what's become of my ol' buddy Thomas. It seems like he's kinda dropped off the face of the earth or something...

Anonymous said...

Hi tom

Just to say i came to your blog via your maps. Well done mate, your vision is brilliant i too wonder bout the big picture of world history over all the years. i bookmarked it immediately.

On your post about the world smallest political quiz. i read a great article about it that kinda demolished its usefullness. Its premise was that its seriously flawed!! its almost impossible to NOT come our libertarian when you use it... no matter what answers u use.

Im also abit burned out by all the political optimism around after obama. Personally i dont believe he will be any different , well yes he will somewhat different but to be honest whatever his attitude and beliefs are, he is still going to have to do things people find unpleasant, iran dont care about the us, it dont matter if he is nice to the israealis they will still do what they want. My point is all the partys u listed sound cool but in the end politics aint got nothing to do with ideals when you have to lead, all that stuff goes out the window.

Hope yer well and keep up the good work with the maps.

Anonymous said...

oh and i forgot to ask

why dont you have the americas in your world maps?

Kevin McGinty said...

Looks like you've stirred up quite a hornets nest Thomas.

Just logged onto CJ online and found a story about you being banned.

I've been working in western Nebraska for the last two weeks(and two weeks to go) and haven't been able to spend as much time on line as I normally would so I missed the whole fight you got into.

Maybe it's a good time for a letter in the Metro or maybe getting your own blog going again.

Hell, if nothing else, you're always welcome on my blog. I'm actually starting to get a little traffic.

Talk to you later Thomas.

Kevin McGinty

Kevin McGinty said...

It was good to hear from you tonight Thomas. Man, it sucks though that you've been so sick.

Take care of yourself, and I'll talk to you later...

Anonymous said...

As for political parties, I am in favor of the two person cage fight like there is with the UFC, and boxing, Thomas. Anything that needs to be settled politcally in our nation has to be decided within that 2 party context. Stop for a moment and think about these places around the world with a dozen sanctioned Parties and their inability to lead once in office?? Out system keeps the bull in the 'ring' where he or she is tried and tested so that the American people can see who the possibles are with all of their warts for everyone to see.. By the time someone gets through that process our people know enough to let them in or kick them out. It's NOT the political system that is the problem, it works just as it always has, Thomas, your issue is with the voter, and until the voter has had enough nothing changes, but as we see every cycle or two they throw the bums out.. We do not need an insurgency from outside by a third party, it can be done with a symbolic party by electing those who are going to do things your way, as we have seen with the phenomena brought on by the TEA PARTY.. The system is fine the way that it is, you can organize your voters within the current system. IMHO thanks Thomas!

Roshan said...

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