Monday, September 25, 2006

Thank you Topeka Capital-Journal

I've been known to disagree with the Topeka Capital-Journal, and when it happens I'm not shy about expressing my disagreement (as respectfully as possible). That said, the Capital-Journal isn't always wrong and I DO try to give credit where it is due. (Case in point: I thanked them in my letter "No Deadbeat" in Feb. 2004).
Now I would like to thank the Capital-Journal for it's work to expose a group called, "Schools for Fair Funding".

In the recent school finance fiasco, 19 School Districts and several attorneys formed a so-called "non-profit" organization that sued Kansas (well, just every KS taxpayer) for more money. Ironically, one of the state's worst Judges (Bullock "the Hutt") presided over that case. The Topeka Capital-Journal explains it in their articles, "Kline tells group to open funding records" (8-19-06), "Money spread beyond courtroom" (9-03-06), and "CJ's lawsuit draws fire" (9-15-06).

Does anyone else smell the odor coming from "Schools for Fair Funding"? *Sniff* it kinda smells *sniff* like ...

As a "non-profit" organization that used public money, "Schools for Fair Funding" is legally and ethically obligated to explain how much money it received and what it did with that money. Instead it seems they would rather withhold that information and continue using the court system to play legal games with the people of Kansas.

Thank you, Topeka Capital-Journal, for helping defend the rights of The People in this matter.

Thomas Lessman

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good Riddance to Judge Bullock "the Hutt"

The CJonline article is here: <>

For those who may not understand why we call him Judge Bullock "the Hutt", visit this page on the ACFC-KS website: (

Ah, Judge Bullock "the Hutt", a Judge who doesn't have a problem kicking a man when he's down. Of course, this article only mentions his mis-efforts in the school finance case, and fails to mention ANYthing about his collusion with various agencies to violate the civil rights of non-custodial parents.

Nevertheless, you can BET that we'll have a "going away party" for him at the courthouse when he finally leaves...

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Praising the Minutemen

Praising the Minutemen

In light of a recent CJonline editorial (, I feel it necessary to speak in defense of the Minutemen. Maybe the Editorial Board - like many entrenched politicians - just doesn't get it.

Illegal aliens have no respect for our national laws, nor do they care about the "rights" or freedom of American citizens. Some factions of illegal aliens advocate the subversion and outright conquest of several U.S. states. Over 20 million illegal aliens have already infiltrated our nation. That's a very serious threat to our national security, and the government's response to date has been dangerously weak.

In times of crisis, every American citizens has the duty to stand up and work together to end the crisis. 200 years ago the Minutemen stood together to fight for our independence and freedom. Today they are standing up again to defend America's independence and freedom. Instead of criticizing these patriots, we should be supporting their brave efforts.


Thomas Lessman,
Member of Citizens For Immigration Reform