Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anonymous Cowards

Topeka City Councilmember Jack Woelfel wrote a good letter to CJonline that was published yesterday. The letter was basically thanking the Capital-Journal for making people add their real names (and verifying the identity) before they would publish their letters. Here is his letter: http://cjonline.com/stories/082508/opi_322042433.shtml

I agree that sometimes it can be convenient or “safer” to post comments anonymously. But some anonymous posers are nothing more than cowards who like to talk trash, feeling free to say whatever they want because they think they are free from any kind of retribution.

Take “TopekaVoter” (aka Jason Chaika) from CJonline. That coward is stupid enough to post my daughter’s names online, because he’s mad at me for not supporting gay marriage.

Maybe cowards like that should be hiding their identities. But try telling our founding fathers that anonymity is good. Look at the Declaration of Independence. Do you see any names like “KingGeorgeSux” or “DixieQueen”?

No. Those who signed the Declaration of Independence were obviously NOT cowards. They stood behind their words by signing their real names. I guarantee they faced a LOT worse consequences than people posting trash on CJonline.

I don’t like some of Jack’s politics, but I DO respect what he wrote in his letter. Raubin & Megan, you of all people should agree with that - you speak your mind AND stand behind your words by saying “This is who I am and this is how I feel”. Whether I agree with you or not, I would never call you cowards. But most people who post anonymously are nothing more than childish cowards who want to talk trash freely without facing the consequences of their words.

For cowards like TopekaVoter (aka Jason Chaika), perhaps that is in their best interests. After posting my daughters’ names online, he definitely has a good reason to hide his identity.

Thomas Lessman
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meth Wars: Program Monitors Pharmacies

I believe government news like this "Program to monitor pharmacies in meth battle" needs to be recieved cautiously.

Sure it "feels good" to hear the government is going to "do something" to stop illegal drug use. But I need to know a LOT more information before I can just accept another government program, especially when it appears to be a seriously invasive program.

What information are they going to collect from the pharmacies? Who will be collecting the information, where will it be stored, and how will it be used? How do they expect this to fix the meth problem? How will they fund the program? What will they do with the already existing programs that are similar but apparently aren't working? If those other programs are working, then why do they need another program?

WE the People keep letting the government jump into whatever programs it wants, without paying attention to the consequences. We've already got serious budget and economic problems.
Why are we being told that they government doesn't have enough money to pay for all of the road construction, infrastructure, police positions, and various social services the government says it needs?

If the government doesn't have enough money to pay for its existing needs, why is it starting new programs that will cost more and be even more invasive, without disbanding the older similar programs that apparently aren't working?

Thomas Lessman
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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Government again blowing smoke up your...

From the Topeka Capital-Journal story "Little of tobacco settlement spent on smoking cessation". Here is my response:

It's amazing how much BS people will let the government get away with.

Certain state leaders claimed the $$$ from the lawsuit would go to reimburse states for tobacco-related illnesses and programs, and for educational "smoking prevention campaigns". Instead, State leaders spent the $$$ on just about everything BUT what we were told it would be spent on. It went to road work, pet projects, and many other non-smoking related things.

I predicted that outcome even back when the lawsuits first hit the news. The next prediction is even worse. Since the State blew all that lawsuit and tax money, guess what they'll say when smoking-related health costs and deaths continue to increase?

Government: "Golly people, all these rising health care costs mean we have to raise your taxes - AGAIN!"

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Thomas Lessman
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