Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Supporting TABOR

Yesterday I attended the "American Dream Express" rally in Topeka. There were approximately 40 to 50 supporters of TABOR, and maybe 6 to 10 people opposed, present at the rally.

Opponents of TABOR used a lot of fear-mongering and mis-information in their attempts to oppose the Taxpayor Bill of Rights.

A prime example: one opponent held a sign that stated "If TABOR is passed, 50'000 Kansas children will lose their access to Health Wave."

Representative Brenda Landwier, who spoke in favor of TABOR, pointed out that sign and remarked that "there are only 30'000 Kansas children currently ON Health Wave."


When you FOLLOW THE MONEY, you quickly realize that the opponents of TABOR are primarily groups that rely on government money to operate, or who support unchecked beaurocratic spending.

As a Libertarian, I SUPPORT TABOR because it puts power back in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE by allowing us the final say in whether our taxes will be raised. What is wrong with that?