Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Deadbeat Dads" editorial from KMBC-TV

This editorial by Wayne Godsey of KMBC-TV <Click Here> is a kick in the face to all fathers, and just in time for Father's Day. KMBC-TV can be emailed via their "Contact KMBC" page at

Trash Can editorials like this cannot be allowed to go unchallanged. Real reporters actually check facts and get both sides of the story. This guy is the GENERAL MANAGER of a TV station, yet he didn't think to talk to any of the people he's so carelessly stereotyping?

The facts are:
1. Most "deadbeat dads" are regular fathers crushed by child $upport orders that can take more than half of their income - literally leaving dads without money for rent, food, or bills. How is dad supposed to be able to take care of the kids when they're with him if he has no money to feed or clothe them?
2. States have incentives to keep child $upport high because they get federal reimbursements for every dollar they collect (Bradley amendment, USC 42 sec 666).
3. Courts routinely segregate parents into unequal classes (custodial and non-custodial), giving custodial parents a lot of power over the other parent's life and relationship with the children. This encourages parents to fight for power (in and out of court), which makes a lot of money for attorneys, therapists, and other court personnel.
4. Restricted visitation, parental alienation, and "Kids, meet your new daddy this week" syndrome are just a few issues that non-custodial parents and children face. Courts rarely do anything if mommy won't let daddy see the kids (but she tells the kids their daddy doesn't love them anymore - so she found them a new daddy at the bar last night, and he's better than the one last week...)

That's barely the beginning of the OTHER SIDE of the story that Wayne Godsey failed to mention when he jumped on his editorial bully pulpit. My question is, does KMBC-TV have the courage to show BOTH sides of the story, or should we write them off as a "Trash Can Newscast"?

Thomas A. Lessman