Monday, May 26, 2008

Open Questions Regarding Abortion

What right can possibly be more precious or sacred than the right to life?

For the "pro-choice" crowd, and others who think that "a woman's choice" sounds nice: why do you not extend that same choice to men, or at least give equal rights to men? You claim to be "pro-choice", but only for women. How is that equal? What happened to equal rights? Or is it just that you think women are "more equal" than men?

I've heard feminists label unborn children as "parasites", fetuses, lumps of flesh, or anything else they can think of to de-humanize them. That's literally doing the same thing to unborn children that Nazis did to Jews.

The simple fact is that what you call "choice" is literally taking a human life, which is murder. You may call it abortion or choice or whatever. Nazis called it racial purity, but the end result is still the same. Murder.

I have an open invitation for anyone who has answers to my questions. Please answer them by responding in the comments section.

Thomas Lessman


Kevin McGinty said...

You know Thomas, if people would just listen to us, this world would be a better place.
Glad to be on the same side with you on this one.

Kevin McGinty

Anonymous said...

First off, calling someone who killed a man a nazi is never cool.

Secondly, the man who impregnated the women does have a right to choise if he wants the kid or not. Even if he doesn't, he does had about 100 million potential children in his sack and all he has to do is stick his junk in a whole and let loose. While on the other hand the women has to go through 9 months of pain and suffering for a child. Lets be for real here, in a world with overpopualtion and accidental births, sometimes you need to kill the child earily in order to save its suffering later on.

Doug Singsen said...

This is a crazy question with a very obvious answer. The difference is that the fetus is in the woman's body, not the man's. The principle behind abortion is that human beings have the right to control their own body. If we don't have that right, what do we have? The fetus is part of the woman's body, therefore she has the right to control what happens to it. This is literally the most obvious thing about the pro-choice position, so I feel like you're not even trying to understand the pro-choice position, despite your frequent protestations that you are a reasonable, open-minded person.