Friday, May 16, 2008

Jim Cates

In October of 2002 I started listening to the Jim Cates Show. Before that I hadn't thought much of talk radio. Since then I've become a loyal listener, frequent caller, and occasional guest on his show.

Recently Cumulus Broadcasting decided to terminate the # 1 rated talk show in Kansas. The only details are that the new station management wanted to change the format in a way that would effectively cut the heart out of the show - they wanted to end the Open Lines sessions and censor any "negative" issues.

The Jim Cates Show provided a community forum for people in Topeka, and he allowed anyone to call in and discuss issues of importance. Like everyone, Jim has his own views, but his show was never about HIS views - he allowed the public a chance to speak. Even when Jim disagreed with a caller, he was always respectful about it, but he made it a point to let people speak even if they have opposing views.

I've always liked his show, but I've really been impressed with the man himself. Jim Cates has a level of sincerity and integrity that too many people seem to lack today. It wasn't just on air either; every time I've seen Jim in public, whether at the park, a coffeehouse, or even his favorite local bar, he has always been friendly and cool to hang out with.

This morning we held a rally at Cumulus headquarters in downtown Topeka. I'd say about 30-35 people showed, many of them were people I knew from their on-air voice. Several sponsors were also their, announcing that they were pulling their advertising from ALL Cumulus stations until Jim Cates is reinstated.

After my recent correspondences with certain Cumulus officials, I've lost confidence in that corporation. Regardless of the few short "standard replies" they've given, the fact is that Cumulus has effectively silenced the voice of the people, and basically told their most loyal listeners where we could put our voice...

I hope Jim is able to get his show back on air, perhaps on AM 580 WIBW. Or maybe his Sunday morning show on 49 KTKA will expand to a few days per week? Topeka has a lot of potential, and people like Jim Cates can help us reach that potential.


Thomas Lessman

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(Note: the Topeka Capital-Journal also has a short article about this situation)


Anonymous said...

Let me just leave it at this that I know the GM at Morris / WIBW Radio in Topeka because I work both on 94 Country and AM 580. I cannot say until the GM says to the press but we may be getting Jim on the air in a Saturday PM slot if any, we cannot guarantee a day time slot unless Bruce Steinbrock, Prog. Director at 580 WIBW would cut one of his sports shows down in the PM. Only then we could put Jim on there.

Kevin McGinty said...

Well said Thomas. Our mornings just won't be the same, will they?
Good to see you the other day.

Kevin McGiny

Kevin McGinty said...

Saturday P.M.'s would be great. Will be looking forward to hearing more about this.

Kevin McGinty