Saturday, May 10, 2008

Buzz Hates Atheists

A guy name Buzz had his opinion about atheists published on CJonline, in a piece titled, "Letter: Rights for All Others". I wonder if he held anything back, or did he tell us how he really feels?

I'm not even atheist and I can see the bigotry in his words. I'm going to repeat some of his rant, but I'll switch the words "atheist" and "christian" so you can see how this sounds:

"What societal good have Christians ever done? Atheism is the only reason Christians even have the right to believe in God. It wasn't some native tribe's beads that gave Christians that right, because it was Atheists who established protections for minorities in this country."

In his letter, Buzz blames atheists for Hitler, Stalin, and several other nasty characters in history. It makes me wonder, does he also blame atheists for the Crusades, the Inquisition, Islam, Oil prices, the Titanic, and Mondays?

Buzz, is there anything bad that you DON'T blame on atheists?

For the record, I do see atheism as a type of religion (religiously anti-religious). And some atheists do go overboard sometimes when they are defending their beliefs against others. Some atheists are even as fanatical as some christian or muslim fanatics (like Pat Roberts, Louis Farrakhan, Phred Phelps, and Bin Laden).

However most atheists are good and simple people trying to survive and live their life as best as they can. Just like the vast majority of christians, jews, muslims, and even spiritual but non-religious people like me. They have their own beliefs and don't want to be harassed or treated unfairly because of their religion.

Hate-filled rants and religious bigotry have caused enough misery on our planet. And it started long before atheism was even thought of.


Thomas Lessman

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Roriniho said...

Saying that Atheism is a religion is akin to saying baldness is a hair colour.
Atheists WERE around before religionists.

Otherwise, a good post, and a good site. Love your maps, but when is the 250BC one due?

Thanks again,