Sunday, August 03, 2008

Government again blowing smoke up your...

From the Topeka Capital-Journal story "Little of tobacco settlement spent on smoking cessation". Here is my response:

It's amazing how much BS people will let the government get away with.

Certain state leaders claimed the $$$ from the lawsuit would go to reimburse states for tobacco-related illnesses and programs, and for educational "smoking prevention campaigns". Instead, State leaders spent the $$$ on just about everything BUT what we were told it would be spent on. It went to road work, pet projects, and many other non-smoking related things.

I predicted that outcome even back when the lawsuits first hit the news. The next prediction is even worse. Since the State blew all that lawsuit and tax money, guess what they'll say when smoking-related health costs and deaths continue to increase?

Government: "Golly people, all these rising health care costs mean we have to raise your taxes - AGAIN!"

Get rid of bad government. Vote Libertarian!

Thomas Lessman

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