Friday, June 27, 2008

Irrational Hatred from the Left

I've been told my writings often come across as "harsh", because I'm honest, blunt, and to-the-point. And I admit that sometimes, especially when I'm in a bad mood, my writings can come across as harsh, though I think it's because people aren't used to hearing some of the things I say. I'm just not "politically correct".

Often I get accused of being a "woman hater" because I advocate for equal rights and equal responsibilities for men and women. I say things like, "Men and women are equally human, and each are equally capable of evil and mean things towards each other". I'm all for women and men having equal rights and equal responsibilities. That also means that men should get the same rights that women have, and women should have the same responsibilities as men have. And neither gender should have privileges that are not given to the other gender.

On the Topeka Capital-Journal site (, I often butt heads with certain commenters who disagree with my views. However you'll note that there are often as many people who DO agree with me and what I say.

One commenter in particular, named "TopekaVoter", takes the "hate Thomas" line a bit further in the comments section on Kathleen Parker's latest column, "Domestic violence requires new approach". (For the record, I am a big fan of Kathleen Parker and I respect her views very much. And I agree with her take on the domestic violence issue).

This "TopekaVoter" is a big pusher of gay marriage. His site is (because I believe in showing all sides of a disagreement).

I honestly don't care about the gay marriage issue. As far as I'm concerned, heterosexuals and homosexuals are both equally human. There should be no laws specifically discriminating for or against anyone based on sexual orientation. (Which is why I think most "pro-marriage" legislation is unconstitutional, if it specifically states that homosexuals cannot get married).

If gays want to marry, I say, "more power too them". Though I think they should be aware that marriage is no longer the commitment it once was, but is instead a potential trap, especially if children are involved. But IF we expand marriage beyond its current definition of one man and one woman, then we also have to allow polygamy, harems, and any other form of "marriage" - because if it's called "discrimination against gays" for marriage to be only one man and one woman, then it's also discrimination against other forms of marriage. You can see a better description of my views in my blog post about Gay Marriage "Rights".

Yet TopekaVoter will have NONE of that logic! So now he says I hate gays, women, and however many other groups he could think of. And he goes beyond the limit of "just plain ignorance" in trying to explain himself. Read our disagreement for yourself on CJonline's site, here <>.

What is your take on my views, or about that discussion? I'm curious what you think.

Thomas Lessman


lormarie said...

You've got to remember one thing...the left will brand anyone who doesn't bow down to their sentiments as a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc. I don't know too much of Kathleen Parker. I've only been "briefed" on her book, Save The Males. But I was not surprised when she said that women initiate violence as much as men. I wouldn't doubt that for a moment.

Talessman said...

Thank you for the comment, Lormarie!

* For the record, I highly recommend that my readers check out Lormarie's blog, at I found her through another blog I frequent, His Side with Glenn Sacks ( I can't say I agree with all of her views, but she does make some great points.


Thomas Lessman