Saturday, April 05, 2008


(I decided to write this after reading an article in the Topeka Capital-Journal about a fundraiser for a new anti-rape group.

Rape is a terrible crime. There's another rape epedimic that gets little or no coverage, even though it happens more frequently than violent rapes.

The epedimic is in FALSE ALLEGATIONS of rape. Several studies have shown that between 20% to 40% of rape accusations are FALSE (as in, the accuser admitted she lied, or at least the evidence she lied was overwhelming).

Here's a good example:

False accusers have many of the same traits as other types of rapists. They pick victims and commit the crime based on revenge, it's a power trip, they don't want their husband to know what they were really doing out so late, they were bored or angry, etc.

Victims of rape by false allegation suffer many of the same problems as other rape victims. They become confused, fearful or suspicious of other people, withdrawn, unable to sleep, distracted or unable to work, depressed, and suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Except that victims of other types of rape get support, shelter, sympathy, justice, and other help. But victims of rape by false accusation get none of that; instead they lose their friends, their jobs, their faces get plastered all over the news, and no justice (the rapist is rarely even punished).

I agree that true rape is a horrible crime. To falsely accuse someone of rape is actually a way of raping them. Someone who makes false accusations should be charged with "Rape by False Accusation", and if convicted get the same punishment like any other rapist.


Thomas Lessman

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Boo said...

I totally agree with you. I despise (so-called) women like this who rob a man of his LIFE. They obviously have a negative zero capacity of a conscience in order to sleep at night.
It's stupid bitches like that who make it more difficult and more humiliating for the REAL victims of rape to want to come forward to seek justice.