Sunday, April 13, 2008

Attorney "Ethics" Leave Innocent Man in Prison for 26 Years

What words could possibly do justice to this terrible situation? Not many things would be worse than spending most of your life in prison - especially for a crime you didn't commit!

I understand the attorneys probably acted "legally and ethically" within the bounds of their duty as attorneys. It obviously wasn't an easy decision for them; they feel bad and possibly had some trouble sleeping. I wouldn't ever want to have to make a decision like that. But I don't feel AT ALL sorry for them, nor do I think they did the RIGHT thing.

Really I think he (Mr. Logan) should be able to sue them (the attorneys) and the state, for wrongful incarceration and other damages he suffered because of their... ommission?... negligence?... blind obedience?... or whatever you want to call it.

There may not be any laws specifically against what they did. I agree that they had a tough decision to make, and they were in a way, "just doing their jobs". But that's the same excuse Nazi soldiers used to justify their crimes. And in this situation, I see the attorneys' actions (or lack thereof) to be similar in nature. Though I'm willing to bet that if Mr. Logan were to sue the attorneys, no US court would rule in his favor.

Regardless of what the laws say or omit, and regardless of what any "code of ethics" says, there is ALWAYS a line between "Right" and "Wrong". Maybe they couldn't see that line because of the foggy grey Ethics area. But they knew he was innocent, and that he was at constant risk of being raped or murdered while in prison.

Yet they still made a conscious decision to withold information that would have set this innocent man free. It may have been a tough decision for the attorneys, but their choice cost an innocent man 26 years in prison, putting him in extreme danger and effectively destroying his life. And NO amount of ethics can give Mr. Logan half of his life back.

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