Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Libertarian Bob Barr for President?

GOPUSA sent out an article about former US Rep. Bob Barr, who may run for President as a Libertarian candidate. Bob Barr is a former Republican who decided the Libertarian Party was better. The article is located <here on the GOPUSA Forum>.

Like Ron Paul, Bob Barr seems to be an honest man of integrity. He fights to protect our freedoms and constitutional rights, and has the genuine interest of "We the People" at heart. Bob Barr is well known as a true Conservative and many people will flock to his campaign, like they did with Ron Paul. It will definitely make this campaign interesting again!

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Personally, I support whomever I honestly feel is best for the job of defending our rights and freedoms. If a candidate has already been elected to office previously, they have an record of how they voted on legislation (elected voting record). If that record is good, and the candidate fulfilled their elected duties, and protected the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then they've likely earned my vote. If their record is bad (eg. they supported bad laws, restricted freedoms, or were otherwise bad leaders), I won't vote for them because I refuse to reward bad leadership by voting for it! Seems simple enough.

When you vote, are you confident in the people you vote for? Have you ever decided to vote for the "lesser of two evils" because you didn't think a 3rd party candidate couldn't win? If so, the bottom line is that you sold your vote to a candidate you don't agree with, and who really doesn't represent you. In other words, you voted against yourself!

Too many Republicans (and Democrats) have fallen victim to the "Our Party First" syndrome. That mindset got us 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Bush. If we suffer 8 years of McCain, Obama, or Clinton #2, our lives will only go from bad to worse, or even more worse than that. Each of them might take us down a different drain, but the bottom line is that if they're elected we WILL be going down a drain.

The Republicans may well lose this election, and it's their own fault for ignoring common sense and putting up McCain as their candidate. I'd have switched parties for Ron Paul, but if the Republicans would rather support Bush and McCain over Paul or Barr, then it's no longer the Republican Party. It's become the "New Moderate Party", only most of its members don't want to believe it. Conservatives are starting to wake up and look for a party that supports their ideals.

The Democrats aren't doing much better. Their campaigns have been so intolerably ho-hum that many Democrats aren't even bothering to vote. There's a strong split between Hillary's "Femocrats" and Obama's supporters, and they are split along racial and gender lines.

We may yet see the demise of this faulty 2-party system, to be replaced by a multi-party (4 or more) system that gives people more choice and more representation. Conservatives may join the Libertarian Party, leaving the "Moderate Republican" party. The Democrats may split into 2 or more parties, covering minority issues, gender issues, and possibly labor issues.

I definitely don't agree with the GOPUSA editor, who said that Ron Paul should be kicked out of the Republican Party if he supports a Libertarian Presidential candidate. Some Libertarians said the same of me when I supported Republican Ron Paul's campaign. If the Republican Party starts kicking out members who vote for better candidates, then it's really lost it's mind! Didn't another party also deal harshly with people who supported better candidates from other parties? I believe it was called the Communist Party...

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