Monday, January 28, 2008

Prison Rape Board Game?

The article below my signature is from CJonline. The son of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has created and is marketing a board game about prison rape, called "Don't Drop the Soap".

America's a free country and he has the right to create whatever dumb offensive games he wants to create. That doesn't mean we have to sit by and do nothing, either. Rape is not a joke, and it's dispicable that someone would try to make a profit by making a game about it, much less calling it "entertainment".

This guy is the son of the Governor of Kansas. She (Governor Sebelius) is supporting her son's efforts to market this game, even defending it. If he made a board game about raping women and called it "Entertainment", would she be so supportive of him then?

Considering the numbers of people who have been released from prison after being found innocent due to prosecutor misconduct, false accusations, fabricated evidence, and other issues in the justice system, the creation of this game becomes even more despicable.

Rape isn't a game, and it's not funny when anyone is raped, whether they are a woman or a man. Instead of supporting her son's efforts to profit from a despicable game, Governor Sebelius should be educating him on how prison rape is every bit as serious and harmful as other forms of rape.

Thomas A. Lessman

Article: Sebelius' son sells game out of Cedar Crest
By Tim Hrenchir, the Topeka Capital-Journal. Date: 1-26-2008
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Kevin McGinty said...

Well said Thomas...
How've you been?

Boo said...

WTF? Parents supporting a son who capitalizes on the misfortunes of others? Nice. Well, I certainly hope the ignorant little white boy never has to face life in prison. It's no game when you place less serious offenders with cold blooded killers and rapists in the same yard. No, not a game, but an endless battle for life.