Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mens News Daily

For a long time now, I've been a supporter of a site called "Mens News Daily", which is a right-wing, alternate news source for men.

Many of the columnists on that site are great columnists, including Dave Usher, Jim Kouri, Carey Roberts, and Glenn Sacks, among others.

Some of the columnists are little better than the left-wing trash journalists they claim to hate. In particular is a columnists known only as "the Rogue Jew". I honestly thought for the longest time that the "Rogue Jew" was a satire column, making fun of things in a negative way. Thus I didn't usually pay much attention to them.

Until recently. It seems the "Rogue Jew" has taken it upon himself (herself?) to start calling presidential candidate Ron Paul a racist and white supremacist. They provide no proof of their claims, except to say that KKK members are the biggest donaters to his campaign. Again, they show no proof, only making up baseless allegations that would make any feminist blush with excitement.

When I attempted to question these false allegations against Ron Paul, the site's owner, Mike LaSalle, deleted my comments outright. It seems that the owner of Men's News Daily thinks it is okay to spread false allegations against a great presidential candidate, but not okay to question those making the false allegations.

What a shame. It seems that Men's News Daily, formerly a good bastion of news that you wouldn't see in mainstream media, has now become a right-wing version of the very feminist media it claims to hate. How sad...

For the record, Ron Paul is NOT a racist, and he is the last great hope for America to return to its roots of freedom and liberty for all. Remember, only freedom will return America to its roots, not shoddy journalism!


Thomas Lessman

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pinetree said...

I just went online to post a comment to Mens News Daily. Strangely when I registered I received a message that my registration had been restricted.? I have not ever heard of this MND before or of Mike LaSalle. So my restriction comes as a big surprise. Since then I have read up on Mr. LaSalle and have learned many things. I find it amazing that Mike LaSalle should post opinions and then not leave an email address where others can respond. It's rather like the bully when we were all kids. He eggs houses and runs. He hurts people and runs. As kids we had another name for people like Mike LaSalle...CHICKEN SHIT!