Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chuck Adkins, the Bitchboy who hates Ron Paul

On Men's News Daily and Blogwonks, there is a writer who calls himself "Chuck Adkins", who apparently hates Ron Paul as much as the columnist who anonymously calls himself "Rogue Jew".

Both of these columnists will stoop to ANY low it takes to keep Ron Paul from getting elected. Aparently they hate integrity and honesty so much that they draft BS distortions about Ron Paul supposedly being racist, homophobic, etc. (Rest assured, Ron Paul is NOT either of those, and he has 100 times the integrity and honesty of ANY of the other politicians running for president).

But Chuck Adkins takes it so personally, he stooped to calling me a "bald headed four eyed freak" when I called him out on his lies. Then to top it off, Adkins actually deleted our whole exchange, probably after realizing his own words exposed how stupid he actually sounds making those false accusations against Ron Paul.

I get annoyed to no end by so-called conservatives (actually they are pseudo-conservatives) who whine about the tactics used by Feminists and liberals, then turn around and use those same tactics to stop a real man of integrity, like Ron Paul.

Chuck Adkins is just another hate-mongering moronic trash journalist, and it seems Blogwonks is getting overrun by these pathetic pieces of wannabe-media.

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JSN said...

There is no doubt there was a strong racist element appearing in the newsletter published by Ron Paul.

Now, maybe you don't think it was that racist, or maybe you think he shouldn't be responsible if he didn't write the words, but it happened, and here is Reason Magazine (they are libbos, right?) talking about it here

Ollie said...

This guy popped onto a Facebook discussion page and took my comments out of context. Called me a "racist ass hat" and told me he was blogging my name and I brought it upon myself. Will not answer my E-mails. He's a coward and a bully.