Wednesday, September 26, 2007


(Published in the Topeka Metro, Oct 12, 2007)

I hate to say it, but I seriously doubt we'll survive another World War. It's not nukes or chems that I'm afraid of. Think about this:

1. There are 30 million + illegal aliens in our nation. If even 1/10th of them are hostiles? That's 3 MILLION enemy soldiers inside our own borders, strategically located inside our nation!

To be "hostiles", they don't have to be soldiers from islamic, or communist, or rival nations. Hostiles also include groups like "M-13", the central american gang that is rampant in the American Southwest. Groups like La Raza openly flout their anti-Americanism, yet they are slated to receive over several MILLION $$$ in federal subsidies in the next few years? Why don't they give equivalent funding to the Minutemen?

It seems our own federal government is working against us too! How hard has the government tried towards revoking the 2nd amendment and disarming our own citizens? The British lost the Revolutionary war because American Citizens were armed and able to fight back. Germany knew it would fail in any invasion of the US because they knew many of the citizens were armed. Kinda puts a damper on any organized invasion of the US, when the enemy knows we can field a "Citizens' Army" larger than anything they can throw at us...

Add to that the almost determined effort by the federal government to outsource many of our best paying, quality jobs to 3rd world nations (thus impoverishing a LOT more of our population than they let on). AND stationing our troops in so many nations that our own army is terribly stretched thin and unable to return to the US if we are attacked on several fronts.

A friend of mine brought up a tragically great point the other day. I want to preface it by saying that I get a lot of calls from guys who have been screwed over so bad in family courts (which can destroy a life and smile while doing it). Some of them (and other groups) get so frustrated they say it's time to stop working within the system to reform it, and just grab guns and start fighting back.

I tell each of them that, while I understand their frustrations, grabbing our guns is the stupidest thing we can do. The citizens of the US have set themselves up for failure. If we can't get 20 guys to stand outside their courthouse and publicly protest against officials they know are anti-American, what on earth makes you think we can get 20 MILLION people to stand up and fight back with guns? Because it will take at LEAST that many to stop the Apache helicoptors, stealth bombers, tanks, and other advanced weapons that would be thrown at us.

My friend brought up a great point. "If America revolts, WHO do you think will be putting down that revolt?" He said, "It won't be our own military; very few of our soldiers will fire on their fellow citizens. Instead, it will be UNITED NATIONS troops who would be sent in as "peacekeepers", because they are well armed and trained, and they have no alliegance to the US or our citizens. In fact, many are from nations who strongly hate the US. Do you really think they'd have any mercy or understanding for "We The People", knowing that we elected our own government?

Thomas A. Lessman
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Kevin McGinty said...

Exellent Post Thomas! Would love seeing it in the Metro. Think about it. Kevin

Sara said...

Hi. That's an interesting scenario you've got. Although I'd like to point out that the UN would probably avoid getting in the fray. As for many countries that don't like the US, they'd be more interested in sitting back and watch the country destroy itself in a civil war. Especially if that meant selling the several parties some more weapons.

Anonymous said...

Thomas, I am 53, raised by an educated Army officer & educated mother, and as a child of 9 began reading the newspaper once or twice per week, then asked questions & discussed what I read with them. What I find to be true today is the void in education our young people face. At school, there is no more S.R.A., or current events used within the classroom to impart valuable bits about this nation and the world, but that also creates a dialogue among students of an early age, creating an interest, right? Then of course at home, the single parent phenomena gives us a home where the mother has no time for any interest outside of work that she might teach her children during those few hours she has daily, just for them.. The kids watch TV, play video games, or whatever, and are clueless as they grow into vacuous adolescents that become stupid adults with tattoos in every crevice.. That is your stealth time-bomb, Thomas. That will destroy this nation.. We have squandered the WWII advantage we had worldwide for 50 years, and now the world has us in it's crosshairs, and the nations on the prowl see that our families are disintegrating, and we cannot educate our young people to the new world standard in math and science! I can see your immigration point, but I don't share that potential scenario you have set out.. As a livelong Texan the Mexican, or Mexican-American, or Texican as I call them, are the best thing that could have happened to this nation.. Briefly, I will tell you why; In the first place they are the finest families ever, family means everything to them, they have not been broken down and scattered as yet, the way our families have in so many unfortunate cases.. Euros, such as we are, are in for either a wake-up call, or else our demise awaits us because we are not replacing our numbers statistically, our birth rate is below our death rate... Somebody has to run this country once we are gone, I am friends with many, many Mexican-American's (Hispanics) and of any group, in my non scientific observations I see a people with the common sense, smarts, desire, and ability to step into a leadership role for our nation, they are very hard workers and will be ready when they are called upon to assume control of the levers of power and lead The United States of America. Think about it Thomas, we could've been stuck with handing it over to the ''Entertainer's!'' I am looking forward 50 to 100 years with this notion of mine, but our people have been sort of beaten down, or beaten smart to the point where we realize how financially expensive, and burdensome 2.6 children can be, then if it doesn't workout we are stuck with child support.. Not my circumstance in life nor has it ever been, but the whole scenario is taking place in our cities all across the nation.. More and more, of our young men are being extremely careful sexually--when it comes to reproduction that is. ///My overall scenario is no crazier than yours, I don't think they can organize 3 million fighters, (or even 100K) to the extent needed to overtake the nation .. . I do appreciate your thoughts though, Thomas.