Thursday, April 05, 2007

Apology to Reporters Tim Hrenchir & Fred Johnson

I owe Topeka Capital-Journal reporters Tim Hrenchir and Fred Johnson an apology.

About a month ago, I called into Jim Cates Show to voice support for Jack Woelfel's campaign, and we later began discussing certain problems the Topeka Capital-Journal has with "shoddy reporting". Jim asked what I meant by that, and I brought up a few examples.

One article in particular that I pointed out was the CJonline article from Oct. 30, 2006, titled, "Voting Habits Steady". The author of the article highlighted my voting record as the worst, saying I had voted in only 12% of the elections I was elegible to vote in. (Article link:

That's incorrect, because as a registered Libertarian, I'm not able to vote in many elections that registered Republicans or Democrats are able to vote in. The author also downplayed the fact that I've shown up to vote during elections, only to be told there was nothing I could vote for because I'm registered Libertarian.

Anyway, Jim asked who the reporter who wrote that story, and I replied that I wasn't sure, but it may have been Fred Johnson or Tim Hrenchir. I was wrong; it wasn't Fred or Tim. Earlier today I re-read the story and realized it was Barbara Hollingsworth who wrote the story.

That's not the only time I've noticed factual in-accuracy of some articles published in the Topeka Capital-Journal, but it was the first one that came to mind when I was on air.

In any case, I named the wrong reporters, and I apologize to them for my error.

Thomas A. Lessman

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