Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Debate Followup for KS House Dist. 53

* My opponents in this election both contacted me to express disagreement with my review of our debate. Their rebuttles are in the comments section for this post, because I believe it's only fair for the voters if they get the views of all 3 candidates.

Reviews from those who listened to yesterday's debate yesterday and gave me feedback have been very good. Thank you to Jim Cates for hosting and Steve Forman for producing the show!

2 hours after the debate I got a call from tv 13 WIBW. On October 31st I'll be appearing on their News at Noon program. Also, on October 20th, I'll be speaking to Mr. Buchanan's class at Shawnee Heights High School, along with Ann Mah and possibly Doug Desch.

I stumbled a few times early on (answering complex questions isn't easy to do sometimes in 60 seconds...) but then recovered. Those who gave me feedback said that my opponents seemed to be hostile and confrontational with each other, while I seemed respectful and more thoughtful in what the callers were asking.

I respect both of my opponents (Ann Mah-D and Doug Desch-R). They seem to be good people who just sit on the wrong side of some issues. What bothered me about their answers to some of the questions was that they both seem to favor more laws and more government in areas I believe already have WAY too much of them.

For more information about all 3 candidates, click this link:

Again, thank you to Jim Cates and Steve Forman, as well as both of my opponents, Doug Desch and Ann Mah.


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